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We love what we do and thanks to our passion we produce the best inflorescences on Italian soil


The best Cannabis Light in Italy!

Produced in Italy

Greenyleaf is an Italian agricultural startup born from a passion for growing Legal Hemp

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Price is our strong point, as we can guarantee you the best trade-offs since we are manufacturers and have no middlemen of any kind

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All products are shipped in 24/48 hours in an anonymous package, ensuring maximum discretion.



Greenyleaf is an Italian agricultural start-up born out of a passion for growing Legal Hemp.

We love what we do and produce the best inflorescences on Italian soil of Cannabis Light, namely Canapa Sativa L.

Thanks to our multiple Legal Hemp hybrid greenhouses . . .

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Very fast and communicative in shipping. The product is above expectations ! recommended"

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A commendation to this site, very high quality products with great prices , ultra fast delivery ,ordered the day at 4pm the next day at 11.30 I already had the product at home, very good communication too,what more can I say? Thanks guys ahead I will re-order from you soon!"

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"Highly recommended!!!
First time ordering from the site. I must say that I was more than satisfied.Good prices, good quality. For those who say that communication is poor I point out that there is a phone number through which you can conveniently hear each other via whatsapp. Better than that...."

"Fantastic experience regardless You that it's only been a few days since the order And I point out that there was Saturday and Sunday in between Reproduct arrived home impeccably packaged As soon as you opened the package you immediately smelled the very good smell of the product to say the least fantastic. also the service is fabulous, they are present and walk you step by step through the experience. Not to mention the price Truly competitive Yes I will definitely re-order from this store more we will recommend to our friends"

"Great service, ordered in 48h arrived on time, first order on this site I found the product very pleasant. I will definitely reorder to try other flavors."


Cannabis Light shop online at Greenyleaf

Light cannabis is a variety of sativa hemp that as stipulated by Law No. 242 of 2016, has very low levels of the element delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannot exceed the maximum threshold of 0.6 percent. A characteristic, this allows it to be considered legal in some states where regular hemp is generally banned.

CBD cannabis light: the best ally for your well-being

Looking for high quality light cannabis? Greenyleaf provides the best inflorescences, 100% Italian, produced inside our legal hemp hybrid greenhouses and in our state-of-the-art indoor facilities, in order to guarantee our customers only first-rate products. But why focus on this product? We provide a wide selection of the best genetic varieties of legal hemp, with high levels of CBD, all grown in Italy by our trusted growers.

Our legal weed is naturally rich in CBD, the cannabidiol, which unlike THC has no psychotropic effects. It is crucial to emphasize the difference between CBD and THC because most often the two substances are confused. CBD has no psychotropic effect, but instead offers a relaxing experience without altering consciousness. Our light herb is naturally rich in CBD, a substance contained within it that has no psychoactive effects, but instead provides several benefits to our bodies. Instead, its high concentration has several properties: antidepressant, anti-stress, antispasmodic, antiemetic, antioxidant, neuroprotective, pain-relieving and antibacterial. It is precisely because of its exceptional properties, which have been highlighted by an increasing number of studies in recent years, that CBD is rapidly spreading throughout the world.

Greeny Leaf: your one-stop shop for buying high quality legal hemp

Our CBD-rich varieties of legal hemp are specially selected for the most discerning customers. The passion for hemp shared by our team guarantees a high standard of quality that remains unchanged over time with authentic aromas and scents. Our light cannabis, 100% Italian, comes from a careful selection of genetics grown indoors and from our hybrid greenhouses offering only the highest quality products, with a very compact inflorescence, full of resin and with a pleasant intense aroma.

Our hemp is grown and processed in an artisanal and absolutely natural way. We follow every stage of production with great attention: from planting to quality control using the best products so that it grows naturally and without the use of chemical additives, all the way to inflorescence, harvesting and drying of the flower, everything is followed in detail to ensure the highest quality of the finished product. In addition to the high quality of our inflorescences, our strong point is the price: being the direct producers and having no middlemen, we are able to maintain an extremely competitive cost. We deliver our products accurately and quickly (within 24 hours of receiving the order), thus guaranteeing each customer the most complete confidentiality, thanks to the use of anonymous parcels, but also maximum security for legislative purposes.


Cannabis Light

What are the shipping costs?

Free shipping on orders over €59, under this threshold you will pay €5.50

Can I receive the package anonymously on GreenyLeaf?

Yes, our shipping system ensures quality and discretion, while fully respecting your Privacy.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is a natural chemical compound found within hemp inflorescences.

What are the shipping timelines on GreenyLeaf?

All our products are shipped in 24/48h

Why are the prices on GreenyLeaf so advantageous?

Price is our strong point, as we can guarantee you the best trade-offs since we are producers and have no middlemen of any kind, other than our extensive supply chains of farmers who grow only Sativa Hemp with all the dedication and experience they have gained from decades of cultivation.

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