Hemp in the food sector

Jun 7, 2022 | Cannabis Light | 0 comments

In this article we will tell you about the current regulations on hemp in the food sector and how to use Hemp foods in cooking!

Legalization and commercialization of hemp in Italy

Law Dec. 2, 2016, No. 242 legalized the cultivation and marketing of hemp in Italy, including in the food sector:

Article 1 - Purpose

"3. The support and promotion concerns the cultivation of hemp


    (a) to cultivation and processing;

    (b) to the encouragement of the use and final consumption of

Semi-finished hemp products from priority supply chains.


    (c) to the development of integrated territorial supply chains that

Enhance research results and pursue integration

local and real economic and environmental sustainability;

    (d) to the production of food, cosmetics, raw materials

Biodegradables and innovative semi-finished products for industries of different


    (e) to the implementation of bioengineering works, land reclamation, educational and research activities."

Decree November 4, 2019 - Maximum levels of THC in foods

The November 4, 2019 Decree defines maximum levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in food, click here to view it.

Specifically, the decree talks about maximum THC limits, that is, the sum of the concentrations of the substance THC and the non-active acid precursor THCA, let's look at the maximum allowable amounts:

Table. Maximum limits of total THC 
              | | Maximum Limits |
              | Food | (mg/kg) |
              | Hemp seed(***), | |
              |flour obtained from |
              |hemp seeds |2.0 |
              |Oil obtained from the seeds |
              |of hemp |5.0 |
              |Integrators containing |
              |foods derived from| |
              |hemp |2.0 |
    (***) including those that are crushed, chopped, ground other
from flour. 
Now that you know the current regulations regarding hemp in foods, let's see how to use them and what the beneficial properties are. 

How to use Hemp foods in cooking?

We have seen how in recent times there have been increasing proposals for foods that contain legal hemp among the ingredients.

There are many varieties of use of these products, let's look at some of them:

  • CBD oil can be used in the same way as a classic olive oil, imagine topping some very fresh tomato bruschetta with hemp oil!
  • Hemp seeds are great for adding to salads, yogurt, soups or smoothies; they are also perfect for decorating cakes, breads and breadsticks.
  • With Hemp Flour you can make savory and sweet pies, cookies, homemade pasta and many other great recipes!

Is it healthy to consume hemp products?

The properties of Hemp seeds and oil are really beneficial for our body. They have all the essential amino acids, are rich in fiber and mineral salts. In addition, they are gluten-free, so they are also perfect for those with celiac disease or intolerance.

If you weren't aware of these great Hemp products, now is a good time to try them!