Cannabis light, the green revolution has begun

Feb 24, 2023 | Cannabis Light | 0 comments

Experience a new horizon of pleasure, but do it legally. Everything you need to know about light cannabis

Light cannabis has broken consumption patterns among marijuana enthusiasts.

Also known as legal marijuana, the new millennium herb is becoming increasingly popular, gaining new growth horizons in a booming market.

What is light cannabis

This cannabis variant contains low levels of THC Delta 9, the chemical compound responsible for the psychoactive effect, and high levels of CBD, or cannabidiol, a nonpsychoactive element that is known to have health-beneficial properties. Numerous studies have confirmed that more than sixty cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant combine to develop highly effective therapeutic potential in treating conditions such as epilepsy, migraine headaches, poor appetite, insomnia and stress. Of these, CBD is the most valued for its relaxing potential and its ability to reduce episodes related to muscle contractions and spasms.

CBD oil, the ally against chronic pain

CBD is a reliable companion in health management because of its safety and tolerability even at high doses. CBD oil, in particular, is a natural solution for fighting inflammation and pain, with very few side effects that could be perceived as simple positive effects. Many loyal consumers report that a few drops of CBD oil applied under the tongue have the property of relieving their chronic pains that cannot be treated by traditional pharmacology.

What side effects can light cannabis have

It may cause a slightly dry feeling in the mouth, but this is a small price to pay to achieve a feeling of great relaxation and pleasant numbness. Which then are precisely the effects users seek in exploring the new boundaries of legal cannabis.

The benefits of light cannabis

The main benefits that light cannabis users consider relevant are given by the absence of negative psychoactive effects, such as anxiety or paranoid episodes, which are common in traditional marijuana use. The other major revolutionary factor is the purchasing experience, given its regulated distribution in specialty stores.

Guaranteed quality, safe product

In addition to offering the guarantee of a supply chain that is subject to strict controls, light cannabis is available in different types that meet the needs of an increasingly wide audience. It is produced using strict and controlled cultivation methods, which guarantees its quality. Many producers of cannabis light use state-of-the-art drying and storage techniques to preserve the CBD content and ensure that the products are fresh and effective.

How much does light cannabis cost

The price of light cannabis is affordable on average. It is generally cheaper than conventional medical marijuana because of the lower amount of THC and less complex production processes. This makes it a more affordable and reliable option for many people.

Dried flower costs vary depending on the producer, quality and genetics of the plant. On our site you will find the best genetics starting at 0.99 € per gram such as Banana Kush, an extraordinary genetics grown in Piedmont greenhouses. The more grams you buy, the lower the price per gram will be. As for CBD oil, our price ranges from 18-19 € depending on the size of the bottle and the type of CBD oil chosen.

Quality and genetics. How CBD concentration changes

CBD oil is sold for alternative treatment of a range of disorders, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation. Depending on the type of use needed, it is available in different concentrations, starting from 3 percent up to 40 percent. The quality and purity of this product can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.

In the case of collectible resins, the CBD content widely clears 20-30%. All of our products have exclusive and eye-catching packaging for sale in various weights. The most sought-after qualities in the light cannabis market are those that have a good CBD content, usually equal to 20%. Many light cannabis enthusiasts who opt for self-growing from selected seeds are looking for genetics that are easy to grow and produce abundant yields in fairly short growth cycles.

What are the negative aspects

Basically none detected so far, the effects of CBD are analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. At the time it is taken it does not make any mental changes. In any case, we recommend consulting your doctor, who can make individual recommendations.

Why buy light cannabis

Light cannabis is relatively new to the market and can only be sold as a collectible product or for cosmetic or edible use.

What we can guarantee is the safety of an unadulterated product and the guarantee for the buyer to pay for the desired amount, without a limit imposed by law. The new experience of buying light cannabis from specialized producers, who guarantee the allowed active ingredient limits, has given this plant back the dignity it deserves.

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