Cannabis Light: properties and uses

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Cannabis Light: properties and uses

Greenyleaf is an Italian agricultural start-up born from a passion for growing Legal Hemp. It produces inflorescences of Cannabis Light, or Sativa Hemp, which in nature is a plant with different properties and uses: pharmacological, food, textile and fuel.

When we talk about light cannabis we are talking specifically about a certain amount and certain uses of the active ingredients extracted from the female inflorescence of the plant, such that they have no psychoactive effects.

What is light cannabis

Cannabis Light is a type of cannabis that contains very low levels of THC - tetrahydrocannabinol - which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, simply put, it is the substance that gives the "high" feeling.

To be certified as light cannabis and thus be among the substances that can be legally purchased, cannabis must contain less than 0.6 percent THC. To realize the difference between light cannabis and "normally" understood cannabis, just consider that the latter can contain up to 30 percent THC.

The effects of light cannabis are very mild, which is why it is used for its medicinal properties, mainly for its relaxing effect and pain-relieving properties.

Depending on the strain, cannabis sativa has different effects

Not all cannabis plants have the same properties: some contain THC, while others are rich in CBD - cannabidiol. CBD is an active ingredient that unlike THC has no psychoactive effect and is the one prevalent in light cannabis. To be clear, CBD is the principle used for beneficial and therapeutic properties extracted from the flowers of the female plant.

Thus, when we talk about "lightcannabis," we are referring to the low-THC and high-CBD varieties of cannabis, and only the latter are those that are sold legally.

Light cannabis must always be certified and of quality

When buying light cannabis, it is important to be sure that it comes from a reputable and safe source that can offer a high-quality product and, most importantly, has the right amount of active ingredient.

Greenyleaf grows the best cannabis inflorescences with the utmost respect and at Km0, thanks to the legal hemp hybrid greenhouses and the latest generation indoor plants, it ensures first-rate light cannabis products, grown in the controlled supply chains and only by selected farmers who cultivate sativa hemp, with dedication, care and experience. Growers who have behind them, decades of cultivation.

Cultivation follows a careful process from the initial planting of the Hemp Sativa L. plants, to constant quality control and the use of the best products on the market so that the plant grows without chemical additives.

Then arriving at the florescence, harvesting and drying of the flower, perfecting it and aiming to bring out the best CBD inflorescence possible.

The light cannabis made available by Greenleaf complies with the law, is below the threshold limits, analyzed by certified laboratories and only from seeds cataloged by the European Union.

The legal aspects in Italy

The law that allowed for the sale of light hemp in stores and online shops is Law 242 of 2016, which legalized CBD products by regularizing and imposing certain limits regarding the amount of THC expected.

The amount of THC present in products derived from light hemp must not exceed 0.6 percent. In addition, the law requires anyone who sells or grows cannabis sativa products to be in possession of all certificates required by law that accurately identify the provenance of the seeds and the treatments carried out.

While Law 242 legalizes the buying and selling of light cannabis and derivatives, it also prohibits their consumption for recreational purposes. Light cannabis is typically sold in flower form or also in other forms, such as CBD oil and topical products, all of which are legal in Italy.

The benefits and uses of light cannabis

CBD oil, for example, is considered a supplement and is used primarily for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. But like all mild cannabis products, of course, it is not recommended for those with medical conditions, pregnant or nursing women, and minors.

The active ingredient CBD has a wide range of therapeutic and medical benefits, including reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep.

As mentioned, the effects of light cannabis are very mild and it is mainly used for its relaxing action and pain-relieving power, especially in chronic pain conditions.

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