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Moonrock is a unique product and is, in fact, one of the products with a higher level of CBD. Unlike all other products, Moonrock presents a unique appearance, so much so that it makes you wonder what it actually is. It looks like regular light cannabis covered with Wax and a dusting of pollen.

The appearance

Moonrocks look like a meatball or ball (which already makes them very desirable). It is no accident thatmoon rockmeans "moon stone." Its rounded appearance, sometimes linear and sometimes not, seems to catapult you into space and remind you of the large and immense lunar craters covered with space rocks, which resemble small brittle stones with shades of green and brown.

The product is wrapped in extract, covered with a dusting of pollen, the kief.

The exceptional composition of MoonRock grants the product a very unique appearance and the fame that has always accompanied it.


This type of light hemp is among the best products on the market, so much so that it can be called the caviar of CBD.

Their exquisite aroma reaches the nasal pits very strong and slightly fruity, although with a touch of dry aroma due to CBD pollen.

Provenance and Cultivation

Produced in the lands of Piedmont, this genetic is well known throughout northern Italy.Taking advantage of modern cultivation techniques to obtain a high-quality product, over the years it has become one of the most advanced crops on the Italian scene.

The Origins

Nowadays we still do not know for sure who created this strain or named it that way, we only know that originally in California, the flowers chosen to create this product were those of Girl Scout Cookies.

This product exploded when, in 2015, the famous U.S. rapper Kurupt launched his own line of Marijuana products with this name.

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The percentage of CBD shown above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on these genetics. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be appreciable variations in cannabinoid percentages from one flower to another; in addition, batches often differ slightly from each other. Despite such variability Greenyleaf guarantees legality on all individual batches because THC is analyzed daily on all marketed products.

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