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Pakistani comes directly from areas of northern Pakistan. It is used a lot but actually, at present, the government has banned it.

The soft but firm texture is achieved mainly thanks to special resin extraction techniques capable of enhancing the plant's characteristics to the fullest while respecting its natural properties.


This particular variety of Hashish is dark brown in color, sticky and malleable to the touch, while the interior color varies from chestnut green to dark brownish, in accordance with the characteristics of the product from which it was extracted.

The Aroma

Pakistani's scent is pungent, spicy, aromatic and persistent. The special resins of which it is composed give it a pliant, elastic appearance and give off a distinctive, sometimes citric odor.

Provenance and Cultivation

Our Pakistani comes only from homegrown crops in the Piedmont area. We draw and inspiration from the traditional processing of this Hashish to produce a product of exceptional quality.
The high CBD content and special resin processing comes from legal, certified and organic light hemp.

The Origins

Pakistani hashish is world-renowned for its traditions and history in the area. In its country of origin it is composed of trichomes extracted from dried tops using ancient techniques. It is mainly used in the tribes of northern Pakistan.

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The percentage of CBD shown above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on these genetics. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be appreciable variations in cannabinoid percentages from one flower to another; in addition, batches often differ slightly from each other. Despite such variability Greenyleaf guarantees legality on all individual batches because THC is analyzed daily on all marketed products.

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